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After spending few years as a software engineer where i mostly used to design and implement backend software for large enterprises with microservices architectures in Java, i shifted my career towards something more challenging to me, moving on taking care of infrastrcutures and finally start to properly speak devops, cloud and open source.

I'm currently working as a Devops/Cloud Engineer, helping large enterprises to improve, implement, mantain and monitor their production systems based mainly on Kubernetes/Openshift, introducing automation on stale processes by developing custom solutions and through the help of principal devops/cloud open source technologies and concepts, such as IaC, containerization/virtualization, CI/CD, software reliability, monitoring platforms and trying to transmit continuos learning and best practices to customers and collaborators.


I have a Master degree in computer engineering, with a specialization in Cyber Security from Sapienza University of Rome

Skills :

To summarize my skills, these are the keywords which best describe my job and my profile:

Python, Bash, SQL, REST API, Git, Microservices architectures, MySql, Oracle, Postgres, MongoDb, Redis

Main communication protocols (DNS, HTTP/S, SSH, FTP)

Kubernetes, Openshift, KVM, Virtualbox, Vagrant, Terraform, AWS, Ansible, Docker, Podman

Datadog, Netdata, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK


You can find me on Github, Medium

You can contact me @: marcoktm89 [at]

My PGP public key ID is 0x21EAF6E3B166BB77 its fingerprint is: B9B6 560C 4523 65E8 B00E 5727 21EA F6E3 B166 BB77 and you can download my whole public key here


Cinema, science, philosophy, travelling


Deep reader, experienced traveler, Cinema lover, highly demanding in life, BOINC volunteer, greedy TED fan.
Just trying to leave the world better than i found it or at least do not contribute in ruin it further.

Current Goal:

Backpacking across Iceland

Craziest thing i've done so far:

Working as a staff member in an hostel in Ireland (Hoping to update this entry monthly)