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I'm a Junior Software Architect / Software Engineer based in Italy, my daily work is focused on helping large enterprises in improve their internal IT processes hence this can be either means design, analyze and develop cloud-native applications using microservices architectures and distributed system, or support them in any step of the SDLC.
Easily follows that my daily tasks spans from REST API management (development, testing or design) to component integration, to coding backend Springboot applications or to help internal IT people in developing compliant DevOps environments.
The main perks of this job is that gives you a good comprehension of the fundamental technologies which are now used everywhere to provide scalable, reliable and HA platforms or applications such as Kubernetes, Docker and the whole set of related concepts and technologies which are related with the deploy and manteinance of applications.

I have a Master degree in computer engineering,with a specialization in Cyber Security from Sapienza University of Rome and since then i started being strongly passionate by security, mainly cryptography and its algorithms, malware analysis, web security and blockchain, topic which i focused during my dissertation (which was then published @Tokenomics 2019 in Paris) and which i particularly care of. I find human being really interesting and i like to analyze the social behaviours and psycological factors involved in security, like attack vectors or code review, trying to disclose who is hiding at the rear of the lines, and which crumbs he left behind.

Skills :

  • Java, Python, SQL, Solidity, LaTeX
  • Springboot Framework
  • API design, Domain-driven-development (DDD), Asynchronous communications patterns (IBM MQ, RabbitMQ)
  • Relational Databases (Oracle, MySql,Postgres) and NoSql architectures (MongoDb,RethinkDb,Redis...)
  • Blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Bitcoin, Fabric), smart contract development, Proof of X consensus algorithms
  • Collaborative platforms (GitLab/Github, Nexus) and protocol (Git)
  • DevOps - Continuous Integration/Continuous deployment: (Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes,Test Automation)
  • Main cryptography protocols and algorithms (PGP,TLS,AES...), Enterprise Security (SIEM,IDS...), Web security, Malware analysis, Basic data privacy notions
  • Machine Learning (Classification, clustering,NLP)
  • IoT development (RaspberryPi)
  • WordPress


You can find me on Github, Medium

You can contact me @: marcoktm89 [at]

My PGP public key ID is 0x21EAF6E3B166BB77 its fingerprint is: B9B6 560C 4523 65E8 B00E 5727 21EA F6E3 B166 BB77 and you can download my whole public key here


Cinema, science, philosophy, travelling


Deep reader, experienced traveler, Cinema lover, highly demanding in life, BOINC volunteer, greedy TED fan.
Just trying to leave the world better than i found it or at least do not contribute in ruin it further.

Current Goal:

Backpacking across Iceland

Craziest thing i've done so far:

Working as a staff member in an hostel in Ireland (Hoping to update this entry monthly)