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Worst part, asking for money. But, please, keep on reading, it's not what you think.

My primary goal of this little website, is to present myself to the world and enlarge my network, i have a regular job and i don't care in earning side money from this website. Furthermore, this is a free hosted website (more on how i built this website is here and also my two cents on why you should do the same), designed by me with a fully CI/CD philosophy so i have no expenses in keeping up this few pages.

What i'm currently asking you here is donation for charity trough the HelperBit platform, a multi-awarded blockchain startup which collect almost every kind of cryptocurrency for being donated to social and charity projects all over the world, which are listed and grouped by type.

Of course, this allows you to track the whole life cycle of your donation and be sure where your donation ends up.

Science, and computer science in particular, applied to pro bono causes are day by day more rare to find, so this is why i believe and encourage this kind of projects. If you do not bother to join the website, you can find my addresses for Ethereum and Bitcoin, so feel free to send everything you want and i'll donate the entire sum to Helperbit regularly on a project of my choice (and you can track my transaction too).

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